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Welcome to the Beholder Game Wiki!Edit

Welcome Comrade to the Ministry of Information.

Currently the Ministry is having work done to it and won't have full information for a while, our apologies.

Once we have finished you'll be able to find all information on Carl Stein's associates, and his Class D Apartment Block, in Krushvice 6.


Your name is Carl Stein, a married man with 2 children. You've been appointed the landlord of a class D apartment block, where you must dedicate yourself to the state and report any suspicious doings, whilst making sure you keep your tenants happy all the while.

Revolutionaries have also become a constant threat towards the state, and it is your duty to keep everybody safe. You must stop any rebels and report any misdoings done by tenants. Your job also includes promoting the state in all of its glory, whether it be encouraging work in the mines, or promoting the war effort, anything to improve the state's appearance.

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